3rd day… are we on a role?

So yes, I made. To the gym for the third time this week! Go me… as you are well aware since March my exercising has been very sparse, the intentions all good and being there but the actual get up an go.. not quite so much.

But yes, despite my complete lack of enthusiasm and not wanting to go, Charlotte was persistent and kept at me and got me there.

Again after getting on the treadmill, still really not feeling it and planning on literally just walking for 30mins I stepped on and began.

Then whilst only a minute in I decided that I’d just give it a go, maybe to the 15 minute mark of doing the 2mins walk/1 mins casual jog .. so I began and it actually didn’t feel to bad. I wouldn’t say it felt good, but I got going. First two rounds of jogging were pretty hard, my legs ached and I just couldn’t get my stride, possibly due to my lack of motivation. So a mental telling off to myself in my head and I got my butt into gear. No marathon will be run if I can’t even manager to motivate myself in a 30 min treadmill regime. So mind back in focus, and I actually got into a rhythm and then the 1 min jogs didn’t actually seem to bad, some I even nearly surpassed the minute mark and carried on, but then realising I’m back tomorrow I thought no just stick to plan today. So I did.

30 min of treadmill work completed, feeling good with myself. Thank you Charlotte!

Now home to bed 😴😀

Thanks for stopping by. Catch you later 💜💛💙

Day 2

Yep she dragged me to the gym two days in a row.. reluctantly I went. And must say very happy I did.

Stuck to the same 10x 2min wall/1 min easy run. Well I say stuck to it.. kind of began with it, stuck with it up til 15mins then kind of decided to test myself a little as I’d found the first 15 minutes very comfortable (we won’t say easy that’s not in the vocabulary for this just yet). So I decided to up my game and see how long could run for… the first set 2.5 mins and then I made the mistake of looking at the clock .. breathing went all over place and had to walk again.

My recovery times felt a lot quicker in between and even after pushing for the 2.5mins even then within a minute of that I felt able to run again. So another 1min jog followed by a 2 minute walk and then I went for another 2 mins jog. This then followed by about a 3 min walk and then I jogged out the last 2 minutes and just as was feeling could push a little longer the treadmill decided my time was up and automatically slowed down on me! Typical!

So note to self for Thursday, set time for a little longer as it auto cuts off at 30mins.

A good workout. Feeling positive today (probably feel dead and achy tomorrow though)

Thanks for reading, catch you soon 💜💜

Let the Marathon training begin 🏃‍♀️💛💙

So this is me …. post workout … day 1.

Yes I said day 1… now I know a lot of you will now be thinking… but she started at gym a couple of weeks back… that ‘couple’ of weeks back being the main key word there! Since that last post I’ve done sweet nothing. Well that’s not completely true.. I’ve done nothing in terms of gym workouts but I have, however, been extremely successful in achieving reaching my all time heaviest weight. 😢😢

So today is day 1.

I went to slimming world (which is where I discovered this awful truth… to be fair I knew it, I could feel it, I’ve never felt more uncomfortable than I do now and so standing on them scales tonight hurt… but also woke me up).

So after slimming world, straight to the gym we went. Now I decided to begin with, and usually I hate them…but needed something to follow, .. a couch to 5k just till I get those running legs back and then I’ll just get back to my running. But whilst I’m at the “dying at the slightest bit of exercise” stage I thought I need something (and I mean literally just any form of exertion and I feel breathless and exhausted… another sign the weight was far too much and had crept up).

So my first workout was a set of 10x 2 mins walk/1 min easy run. Now baring in mind I had already been walk/jogging on the treadmill for a good 10mins before I decided to do this routine.. I think I did pretty well.

The first few sets of the routine were hard. I mean really hard. I’m not going to lie, I very nearly quit! It wasn’t my legs so much.. although they did feel a heavy (I wonder why, considering I have tree trunks attached to my lower half right now) but it was more the breathing. A struggle I always have when running. If I think, even for a second, about my breathing, oh my God, it’s like my lungs realise they’re suddenly being used and they start feeling like they aren’t doing there job properly. Now some of you may be thinking… well that can’t be good, you need to go get yourself checked.. but yes I am very unfit, but I do know that with me it’s psychological as when I don’t think about breathing and manage to distract my mind to think about anything but my breathing it relaxes and I get into a more settled rhythm. (I’m not going to say it’s all quiet and relaxed once I do find the rhythm and yes I most likely do still sound like I’m dying but I can get by). So yes I struggled like crazy, breathing all over the place and I thought there is no way I’m going to be able to complete this set of the routine, I though about going to just the 15mins mark and then quitting. However, I then started to get into a better rhythm, the legs seemed a little more lighter (a little). But more importantly I found my breathing rhythm and managed to, with the help of some good tunes through the headphones, distract myself which allowed me to settle and gather myself together and get through the whole 30mins. I think the poor guy next to me was worried, my recovery period (for those of you who are thinking ..what?.. it’s getting the breathing rate back down to a “normal” level) this was a little extended especially for those first few rounds and I had barely recovered before I had to run again.. I did see him looking a little in my direction with worry, the bright red face probably didn’t help his thoughts either. But I survived. I did it. I completed the full 30mins set. And although I have felt the workout (but in my mind that’s a good thing, as I know I’ve worked my body) I did it. I achieved my goal and feel good about it.

So small steps, and much later than it should have been, but I am doing it. The training for the Marathon has begun. I may not be able to run far right now, but I will be able to do this. It won’t be easy, it’s going to be both mentally and physically challenging and I know there will be days I’ll be down and feeling like I can’t do this and then other days I’ll feel amazing and like I can smash it. Let’s hope it’s more of the latter!

I need to do this for a good few reasons, the main one being, my health and fitness. Running is what I enjoy. My mental health I’ve been struggling a lot with. And have done for a good few months now. Not something I find easy to admit as up until a year ago I’ve always been an amazingly strong personality and managed to keep it all together so to speak. But this past year I’ve had some things that have challenged me and tested me, and at times got the better of me. But I’m feeling like I’m getting out of it now, (still a journey to go but I see the light) and this Challenge I have set myself will by no means be easy, but will do me the world of good!

I will do this for the charity but far more importantly I will do this for me! It’s not just about the running of the marathon it’s the getting myself sorted too!!!

Thanks for reading, catch you soon 💜💜

Gym day 1 ✅

So I made it, I went to the gym and I’m still alive. (just)

I took it fairly easy as was first time back in a gym for a while, started on the treadmill.. the aim was to just walk, but I actually managed out of the 20 mins I did on treadmill, 4.5 mins at a jog (not all in one go, in stints of 1min jogs and the last one being 1.5mins) which actually wasn’t too bad. Felt comfortable but pushed so know I need to still take it easy for a couple of weeks… but it felt good to know getting back into it.

Then did a few more machines (I couldn’t tell you the names of them as I don’t know lol) a little bit of floor work, and then stretched out.

Just under an hour in total. So not bad going.

I can never go back to the gym again though as I’m leaving I crashed into a lamppost…. how the f**k you may ask, I was turning around in the car park and just went straight into it as was dark and didnt see it til it was too late… so amazingly stupid I know. I’m so embarrassed as a couple of people that had been in gym saw me do this hence the never going back again…

Of course I will go back, I’ll be very ashamed and embarrassed when I do, and hopefully no one will say anything.. aid they do then that will be my last visit lol.

So short and sweet today… but back on the path to getting fit and training has started 🙂

Thanks for reading. Catch you later 💜

It begins

So day 1 of being back on track, the day started with good intentions, I had a bacon roll for breakfast and then for lunch I had a jacket potato with cheese and beans. All drinks were of the “diet”or “zero” variety. I had a bag of space raiders which was the only “bad” food to this point (and at 3.5syns I think I can afford them seeing as allowance is 25syns a day).

So was going well, then I got home from uni and the other half wanted to go shops, so we did… and it all went down hill from there… my will power went to being off the raider and in super control, to beeping at a battery Empty and in need of a change, within seconds. I gave in. Deli pizza for dinner it was… although on a plus note I the pizza (despite the buying of donuts and chocolate.. I didn’t actually have them) … I only indulged in 1 can of full fat cola and so considering that.. I’m doing pretty ok!

With the disgrace of the evening in my mind, I headed to the kitchen late into the evening (about 9pm… pretty late to be starting cooking) but I did, made up some meals so that I had something for tomorrow lunch (and full of carbs ready for my after work antics). And had 2 extra portions left over for “in fridge, grab it” moments.

Now what are the after work antics planned for tomorrow you may well be asking… well I can happily and with some excitement say, ….it’s gym time…. the gym finally opens tomorrow, I’m all signed up ready to go, just waiting the official opening tomorrow And then I can crack on with the exercising. I actually can’t wait.

I have decided at this point, not to rush in full throttle however and not to attempt the running just yet…. yes I know times moving too fast and I have a marathon to run, but I realise that should I go straight for the run, I’ll probably do more harm than good to my joints .. the down side of the added weight that I managed to reacquaint myself with over the past 3/4 weeks. So slow and steady it must be. The first week or two will be a walking session with additional floor routine exercises to get me going, the weight will then hopefully shed a little and the joints won’t cry quite so much as I then pick up the running (I say running… it is more the speed of a fit healthy persons “speed walk” lol but it will be shall we say… jogging for me and will be a increase in pace to the walking.) Time will bring the speed and distance. For now I just need to survive the first visit!

Hopefully it’s not too rammed packed on opening day.. or if so I’ll be heading home and returning later in evening when the rush has died down.. but we will see, who knows how it’ll be!

So wish me luck, I’ll post tomorrow … if I can still move after the gym…

Thanks for joining me 💜💜

catch you later 💜💜

Just a short one

So, well where do I start, I think I left my mojo back with my last blog.

Feeling horrible, flabby, uncomfortable, squishy and feeling achy. Why? Because I’m crap and I haven’t stuck to what I said I would. I guess this is the reality of being human, we can start and aspire to have all the best intentions, and then something.. and it can literally be ANYTHING can just cause a rift in the path and send you off course.

I did start the week with all the intentions of being good, again that’s not happened, now I’m using the excuse that it’s both my son’s birthdays on Monday and Tuesday of next week and therefore no point in trying to be good over the next 5 days as those last 2 won’t be good… completely illogical I know, and I full well know I would do better to focus on being on plan for next few days so that the Monday and Tuesday will be a lesser impact, however that’s so not going to happen. I’ve lost my way, and I’m not going to kid anyone that I’m going to sort it out before next week. So I’m sorry I’ve let you all down, but I am human and sometimes emotions and mind frame gets the better of us and doesn’t let us quite go to plan.

I do know that time is fast moving and therefore if after next week I don’t sort myself out this training for the marathon will be a struggle. So I do know I will get back to it and sooner rather than later, but I confess the demon on the shoulder will be winning the next few days 😦

I’ve also the motivation that I’m now In competition with the guys at work to lose some weight… so between that and my commitment to the CLDF I think I’ve got this… maybe not today! But I have and I will do this.

Thanks for reading

Catch you soon 💋💜

Good news

So, I should have been spending my day today running a half marathon, but as you will know (If you actually read my blogs) you’ll know I pulled out a fair few months back… I do wish I hadn’t now, and really wish I was currently sat in a hotel in Newcastle recovering as opposed to where I actually am.. at home watching tv sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.

However, on a plus note, I nominated myself for something I have wanted to do ever since I originally started running many years ago (that makes me sound like an expert runner… I’m very far from that, I haven’t actually worn my running shoes since March of this year.. and I’m very out of shape right now too so not exactly in the “running zone” so to speak) … I put my name forward to represent the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation in the London Marathon 2020 and found out last week that they have excepted me into the team…. Eeekk, first thought was jumping for joy, second was OMFG what the hell have I done, then back to excitement then back to fear… keeps going like this right now lol but I know I can do it!! I’m not gonna promise to RUN the entire 26.2 miles (or 42km for those that prefer it in metric system) but I’m gonna give it my best effort and try my best.

So in effort of this I have rejoined slimming world (2nd week in) first week I was amazing and lost 7lb ….. this week, yeah really not so amazing, been struggling quite a bit, I think it’s part to do with me having worked everyday since Sunday last week through to today and I’m still in work tomorrow to so really not been in mind to be focused and prepared that I need to be… but I am off Tuesday and so plan to do some batch cooking and get my butt back into gear! And also aim to start the exercise this week too … wish me luck!

So I will keep you posted on my new adventure of training that I need to undertake, I’m sure there will be days of anger at myself for not completing goals, days of celebration as o smash targets and days of pure exhaustion where I may barely be able to move.. but I hope you’ll all join me, support me … and of course more importantly sponsor me nearer the time 😉

Also would just like to say an amazing well done to Laura (I know she sometimes reads my blogs so hopefully she’ll read this one) who today took part in the Great North Run today! Her first time running in it… but maybe she has the running bug now … London Marathon Laura?? 😉

For now, take care and catch you all soon 🙂

I feel like I’m on the road up at moment so that’s a positive 💜💜